Success Story: Meet Imre

Meet Imre. Deb and Kel Trott brought him in to Bark Avenue to meet Tammy in late February 2020. Imre was in bad shape. He had very little hair, his skin was black and leathery, his paws were red with no hair on them and he
was acting like he had lost his will to live.

With the help of Glacier Peak Holistics Life Stress Scan, we were able to identify Imre’s food and environmental sensitivities and create a wellness plan for him. Deb and Kel have been 100% committed to this process and the results speak for themselves. In less than 2 months, his skin is healthier, his hair is growing back and most importantly he is feeling great and acting like himself again for the fist time in a long time!



Imre’s owner Deb Trott says,

“His hair around the top of his head and the back of his neck has completely grown back! Legs and feet finally have hair and what I call “his black fingered gloves” on his feet. So nice to see
that!! His demeanor is ALIVE and he is back to tasking when needed.”

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Bragging Rights, March 2020 – Lucy Bear

Meet Lucy Bear, Naturally Raised Since Birth

Lucy Bear, Naturally Reared Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. Photo courtesy of Mona Belcher, Arlington, TX.
Lucy bear is naturally raised since birth, and loves Mona’s Tasty Bits Turkey Balls recipe!

Mona Belcher is the Mom of Lucy Bear, a female Wheaten Terrier.  The pair became customers of Bark Avenue Market & Bakery in 2017. Lucy is naturally raised since birth, roaming the beautiful terrain and forests of Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada. Mona, her husband Terry, and Lucy moved to the Arlington area in 2017  when her husband accepted a job as a civil engineer, thanks to the population explosion in the Dallas area in recent years.

Lucy is, and always has been, a super healthy and energetic girl who’s never had a sick day in her life. She has no allergies, no injuries, and doesn’t mind staying away from the vet’s office – except every 12 – 18 months for bloodwork to ensure everything is working as it should. Otherwise, Lucy is on a completely natural diet made up of natural foods, treats, and herbal supplements.

When moving to the DFW area from Canada, Mona’s biggest concern was continuing sweet Lucy on her ancestral raw diet once they arrived and settled in.   She worried there wouldn’t be a retailer nearby who shared a similar mindset to raising a pet as an authentic natural thinker.

After many hours of researching, Mona found and called Bark Avenue before they even left Canada. Tammy’s knowledge and professionalism calmed Mona’s nerves almost instantly, gratefully realizing she had found a store and an expert who shared her desire to stick to a natural regiment diet for Lucy. Soon after arriving, Mona and Lucy Bear visited Bark Avenue Market & Bakery, and they’ve been regular customers ever since.

Lucy Bear’s Bio

        • Customer:  Mona Belcher, Marketing Consultant
        • Location: Arlington, Texas
        • Pet:  Canine Lucy Bear, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
        • Age:  8.5 years
        • Gender: Female
        • Lifestyle:  Lucy is naturally raised from birth
        • Favorite pastime:  Lucy is a high-energy breed who enjoys squirrel chasing, swimming in local lakes and other swimming holes, and is a member of the North Texas Barn Hunt
        • Lucy’s menu:   Raw meat, Answers & Small Batch brands keep her fast and sharp, chicken feet, chicken and turkey necks, sardines, some veggies, berries and nuts, fish oil and
        • Treats:    Cheese (of course), Frozen raw sardines, goat’s milk, beef broth, goat’s cheese

Mona & Lucy’s Tasty Bits Recipe – Turkey Balls!

        • 1/2 – 1 lb ground turkey
        • 1 egg
        • Bark Avenue Market & Bakery’s Frozen Primal Greens Elixir

Add ground turkey to a bowl and use your hands to mix in egg (like making a meatloaf).  Add in Primal Greens Elixir, and mix with hands until all evenly mixed in with turkey.  It’s easier if you get a set of non-powdered sanitary gloves so you don’t get it all over your hands.  Roll into little balls and bake at 200 degrees until gently cooked.  Once cooled, you can freeze them.  Be sure and let it thaw for 20 minutes before feeding to your pup.

Want to brag about your pup’s or cat’s natural lifestyle and the benefits he or she has enjoyed?  Submit your story and it may be featured in The Bark Newsletter and The Tammy Talks Blog!