Loads of Deals to Love at Bark Avenue Market all Month Long!

Save $3 off 3lb Frozen Raw; $6 off 6lb Frozen Raw; $2 off 2lb Lightly Cooked; & $5 off 5lb Lightly Cooked
No discount on bulk.

Dollars Off all bags PLUS Free Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried 12oz or 2lb Frozen Protein Bites For Dogs: $5 Off Small; $7 Off Medium; & $10 Off Large. For Cats: $7 Off Medium & $10 Off Large

Get $2.00 OFF bags of Ark Naturals Original Brushless Toothpaste Dental Chews in Mini, Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large.

Offer excludes Value Bags.
Limit 10 per customer

FREE 5.5oz Dental Delights

Buy a 22lb bag of Raw Coated or Raw Blend Dog Kibble, Get a 5.5oz bag of Dental Delights Treats FREE for Dental Health Month!

Save $5 on 2lb bags of Red Barn Air-Dried Dog Food in Chicken, Beef, or Fish Recipes
Limit 10 per customer
Mix & Match permitted

$5 OFF all Red Barn Chew-A-Bull Dental Bags. Buy 10, Get 4 FREE on all Chew-A-Bull Dental Bulk Chews.

Get $1 OFF any 4-Pack & $0.25 OFF any Single Cup Frozen Yogurt
Limit 5 per customer
10% Off All Bark Bones

Get $1 OFF Bocce’s Dailies Sweet Dreams Banana & Honey; Good Hair Salmon; Super Shield Peanut Butter & Apple; Bye Bye Stinkies umpkin & Ginger; & Brushy Bites Apple & Mint

Limit 10 per customer

Buy a Bones & Co. Freeze-Dried Food (12oz, 25oz, 112oz), Get $2 OFF any Bones & Co. Raw Goat Milk (16oz, 32oz, 64oz) or Bones & Co. Raw Goat Kefir (16oz, 32oz)

Limit 1 per customer
Get $5 OFF 7oz-8.8oz bags of K9 Natural Freeze-Dried Lamb or Beef Green Tripe
Limit 2 per customer
Get $0.50 OFF any 12.7oz cans of Koha Slow Cooked Stews
Limit 24 per customer
Get $1 OFF Bags of Beef Hearts Treats
Limit 10 per customer
Get $3 OFF 3.5lb-4lb Boomer’s, Hunter’s, and Knight’s Blends for Dogs
Limit 3 per customer
Save $2 on Skout’s Honor Products
Offer excludes Grooming Wipes and Oral Care Items
Get $5 OFF 30ct Soft Chews including Chill + Out and Hemp + Joint
Limit 10 per customer
Buy any 2 bags of Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Dog or Cat Food, Get a bag of 1.9oz Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts Dog Treats FREE!
Limit 10 per customer
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