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Success Story: Meet Imre

Posted on April 17, 2020
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Meet Imre. Deb and Kel Trott brought him in to Bark Avenue to meet Tammy in late February 2020. Imre was in bad shape. He had very little hair, his skin was black and leathery, his paws were red with no hair on them and he was acting like he had lost his will to live. With the help of Glacier Peak Holistics Life Stress Scan, we were able to identify Imre’s food and
Meet Lucy Bear, Naturally Raised Since Birth Lucy bear is naturally raised since birth, and loves Mona’s Tasty Bits Turkey Balls recipe! Mona Belcher is the Mom of Lucy Bear, a female Wheaten Terrier.  The pair became customers of Bark Avenue Market & Bakery in 2017. Lucy is naturally raised since birth, roaming the beautiful terrain and forests of Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada. Mona, her husband Terry, and Lucy moved to the Arlington area
You’ve heard a lot about “holistic medicine” in recent years, but what is it, exactly? Holistic medicine is simply an approach to medical care that takes into consideration all aspects of a person’s – or animal’s – health, including physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health. Holistic medicine, therefore, not only focuses on the medical complaint but rather treats the entire individual using all safe, available, and appropriate modalities. Homeopathy is one such modality

Curbside Service

Posted on July 14, 2017
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In a hurry?  Call ahead with your order. Pay via credit card, drive up, let us know you are out front and we will load up your car. 817-656-2275

Your Natural Dog & Cat Pet Store Resource!

Posted on July 10, 2017
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Bark Avenue is a natural pet store located in Colleyville, TX. Our mission is to help improve the health, wellness and longevity of dogs and cats. We specialize in natural and complementary remedies and therapies for many common problems such as itchy dogs & cats, separation anxiety and age related aches and pains, including nutritional, herbal, homeopathy, and flower essences. Knowing that nutrition provides the foundation of good health, we carry premium quality foods,