Meet The Team

Tammy Doak

Tammy, the founder of Bark Avenue is extremely passionate about animal health and longevity. Tammy is certified in Animal Naturopathy which focuses on following the 8 laws of health. This encompasses feeding species appropriate fresh foods, avoiding toxin exposure and getting plenty of exercise and sunshine. Tammy also holds a certification as a carnivore nutritionist and consults regularly with customers to determine the best diet for their pets. She works with many pets who have food & environmental sensitivities to become more balanced through the proper diet and supplementation. Tammy enjoys spending quality time with her 5 dogs in her spare time.

Anita McKelvey

Anita is a military spouse. Her husband and 2 daughters have relocated 5 times in the span of twenty years with Texas being their final stop. Since 2014, Bark Avenue became a great resource for her and has shown her the importance of a species appropriate diet. What a change it's been! Her dogs Lacie, Maverick, and latest rescue, Gunner are reaping the benefits of a raw diet along with their favorite, raw goat's milk. She enjoys helping the parents of pets improve the lives of their own animals through nutrition and finding holistic solutions for preventable and common ailments.

She loves spending time outdoors with her family whether it’s hiking, skiing, or just hanging out at the lake. Her favorite pastime is taking “Little Lacie” for bike rides!

Lisa Hamilton

My name is Lisa. I started at Bark Avenue in the summer of 2012. I always enjoy talking with our customers and loving on their babies (my favorite part of my job). I have 2 dogs - Marla, my Blue Heeler/Border Collie and Mason, my Golden/Lab. Marla came from a former co-worker who rescued her mom (who was pregnant with Marla and her siblings) on the side of the road in Oklahoma. Mason is from one of our favorite rescue groups - Big Dog Rescue Project.