Meet The Team

Tammy Doak

Tammy, the founder of Bark Avenue is extremely passionate about animal health and longevity. Tammy is certified in Animal Naturopathy which focuses on following the 8 laws of health. This encompasses feeding species appropriate fresh foods, avoiding toxin exposure and getting plenty of exercise and sunshine. Tammy also holds a certification as a carnivore nutritionist and consults regularly with customers to determine the best diet for their pets. She works with many pets who have food & environmental sensitivities to become more balanced through the proper diet and supplementation. Tammy enjoys spending quality time with her 6 dogs in her spare time.


Brandon Brigance

Brandon grew up in Texas with a passion for all animals, but especially dogs. After highschool he went to culinary school developing an affinity for the culinary arts. He spent the vast majority of the past 12 year as a chef in fine dining. Using his extensive culinary background he helps with the bakery’s baking needs. After getting burnt out from the exhaustive nature of restaurants and managing them, he decided to move on to a field he has just as much passion for; the pets of america. He has a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix named Breña, a cat named Fawkes, and shares a schnauzer named Bella with his wife. He prefers long walks on the beach, but settles for video games.

Our pets deserve to be healthy both physically and mentally and when we take them into our homes it is our responsibility to do what is best. That is where getting to be part of the Bark team comes in. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help with your pets.

Lily Clegg

Lily is a Texas native with a lifelong love of dogs. Lily attended the University of Oklahoma and graduated with a BA in Creative Media. Currently she’s putting her creative skills to use helping decorate cookies and cakes at Bark Avenue’s in-house bakery. Lily enjoys writing, drawing, sewing, cooking, and most of all, Star Wars. Lily’s best friend is her rescued chihuahua mix, Desi, who enjoys cuddling under blankets and sampling some of Bark Avenue’s fishiest treats!

Donna Richardson

Donna has spent a majority of her life volunteering in the animal rescue environment. She helped establish a humane society in her home state of Illinois, that stopped euthanasia’s in its county. Eventually the humane society started receiving animals from neighboring states, when they had reached their time limit for finding homes. When a job relocation brought Donna & her husband to North Texas they started volunteering with local rescues. After learning there was a high euthanasia rate at the shelters, Donna approached her former humane society to see if they were willing to take some Texas dogs. With their agreement, Donna made arrangements to transport these dogs to Illinois, where they quickly found forever homes. Donna’s favorite pastime is hanging out with her lab mix, Lexi.