Meet Imre. Deb and Kel Trott brought him in to Bark Avenue to meet Tammy in late February 2020. Imre was in bad shape. He had very little hair, his skin was black and leathery, his paws were red with no hair on them and he
was acting like he had lost his will to live.

With the help of Glacier Peak Holistics Life Stress Scan, we were able to identify Imre’s food and environmental sensitivities and create a wellness plan for him. Deb and Kel have been 100% committed to this process and the results speak for themselves. In less than 2 months, his skin is healthier, his hair is growing back and most importantly he is feeling great and acting like himself again for the fist time in a long time!


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Imre’s owner Deb Trott says,

“His hair around the top of his head and the back of his neck has completely grown back! Legs and feet finally have hair and what I call “his black fingered gloves” on his feet. So nice to see
that!! His demeanor is ALIVE and he is back to tasking when needed.”

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