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Pets Who Thrive! is an informative new podcast that challenges the status quo and empowers you to raise the healthiest pets.


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The Pets Who Thrive! Podcast covers all areas of natural animal health, from tooth to tail! The show aims to challenge what we’ve traditionally been told about how to raise and care for the healthiest pets possible. Tammy, who is a Certified Animal Naturopath, has a passion for animals and strives to arm pet owners with information and insight to rear the happiest, healthiest pets – holistically. Guests interviewed include veterinarians, nutritionists, product representatives, and more!


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This Week’s Latest Episode:

Dawn Orr has always had a strong connection to animals, and after years of searching for trainers to help problem pets, she created a method of her own. Her study of canine rehabilitation behavior led her to create an alternative loving-kindness program that has helped hundreds of owners with problem pets. Don’t miss this podcast for some great tips on training your dog with love and compassion.

In this week’s episode, Debe Gwynn, the founder of Glacier Peak Holistics, joins Tammy to discuss all things pet nutrition! Debe is a certified herbalist, pet food nutrition specialist, and herbal remedy formulator, and has been designing herbal remedies for animals since 1996. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab some additional health-conscious tips for your pets from Debe!

Today Julie Anne Lee joins Tammy again to discuss how to help your pet rebalance when dealing with a yeast bloom. In addition to being the owner of Adored Beast Apothecary, Julie Anne is also a practitioner of some of the busiest and longest-standing holistic veterinary hospitals and clinics in North America. She’s dedicated herself and her life’s work as a practitioner, teacher, and consultant. Today, Julie Anne and Tammy will dive deeper into yeast, how that relates to health, and how to get to the root of the problem instead of masking symptoms.

Pet Releaf is an AMAZING company that produces organic CBD products for pets. Today, Shelby Flinn, education manager for Pet Releaf, joins Tammy to help navigate through what CBD is and how it benefits our pets.

Keeping your pet’s bladder healthy is one of the most important things you can do for your pet. Today, Dr. Chris Bessent, DVM, who practices holistic veterinary medicine, joins Tammy to discuss bladder health options. As a holistic vet, Dr. Bessent utilizes Chinese herbs, acupuncture, food therapy, and chiropractic on all animals. She’s also the founder of Herbsmith, which carries a fantastic line of natural supplements.

There are so many things we learn from our pets. Helen Huise, a lifelong animal lover, joins Tammy to share her story about what she learned from losing her heart dog, Bella, and how she made such a dramatic shift in how she has raised her newest dog, Kiba by following the laws of nature. It’s a great testimony to what a difference raising our pets naturally can make.

Join Tammy today as she interviews Rachel Fusaro, the sales and marketing lead from Bones & Co. She will share insight into the passion and story behind the Bones & Co brand, what makes Bones & Co truly unique. Additionally, she’ll share why fat is a better fuel source than carbs, how ketosis can benefit your pet’s body, and the bonuses with small batch foods and treats.

How often do you get to hear from a nutritional scientist when it comes to your pets? Well, today, Tammy interviews Billy Hoekman, who is the Nutritional Science Director for Answers Pet Food and an author at Dogs Naturally. Answers Pet Food is a nutrient-dense line of fermented raw wholefoods specifically formulated by nutritional scientists to find the most species-appropriate diet for pets of all ages. You will definitely learn something valuable in today’s episode, so don’t miss this one!

Tammy has a treat in store for you today as she interviews Julie Anne Lee, the owner and founder of Adored Beast Apothecary. Julie Ann will share her story about what inspired her to start Adored Beast, as well as how allergies, leaky gut, and many other ailments have in common. Best of all, you’ll hear from an expert on the best ways we can support our pets’ bodies with natural supplements.

You’re going to love this episode – Ashely Lynn, sales manager for Small Batch foods, talks to Tammy about what makes their food so unique. The staff at Bark Avenue Market & Bakery recommends and sells a lot of Small Batch products, so by the end of this episode you’ll see why this is such a standout product!

In this podcast, Tammy discusses one of the most common questions she receives in her store, Bark Avenue Market & Bakery, on a daily basis. “How can I help my dog stop itching and scratching?” Tammy will provide a glimpse of what sets off the immune reaction that causes the dog to itch, along with a few steps you can take to make a big difference in your pet’s life. 

Did you know you can protect your pets from fleas and ticks without harsh chemical herbicides? Whitney Jones from Cedarcide joins Tammy today to discuss natural flea and tick prevention. Whitney is a dog mom, too, and marketing director of Cedarcide. Cedarcide has been helping protect families, pets, lawns, homes, and communities from harmful bugs and harsh chemicals since 1998!

Join Tammy today as she interviews Denise Eaton, the Bach Flowers brand and education manager for Nelson Bach USA Limited. Although she holds a degree in mental health, Denise took a particular interest in learning about Dr. Bach’s healing system and went on a mission to spread the word to help others. Today she’ll teach us how Bach Flower Remedies can calm your pet, naturally!

Dr. Todd Cooney, DVM, is back with Tammy today to talk about “duration of immunity,” what it is, and how it relates to vaccinations. This will be a great educational episode for your and your pets.

Today, you’ll meet Ben Blecha, the founder of Hero Brace. Hero Brace designs custom knee, ankle, and wrist braces, which can serve as a great alternative to invasive surgeries – especially for those oh-so-common ACL tears. In fact, this episode will focus specifically on ACL tears and several surgery alternatives available.

Today, Tammy is joined by Dee Kellner, a local Texas goat farmer who is the owner of Peach Tree Hill Goats Farm! We will learn about the many benefits of goat’s milk for your pets, as well as some of her clean practices for raising healthy goats to produce wholesome, all natural goat milk products.

Hear from someone in the veterinary profession who knows both sides of vet care for your pets – today, Dr. Todd Cooney, DVM, joins Tammy to share some of his wisdom in veterinary practices. What’s special about Dr. Cooney is that he practiced traditional veterinary medicine for 20 years before deciding to change his course and become a homeopathic veterinarian. The best part is, Dr. Cooney will be a regular guest on the Pets Who Thrive! podcast!