The Bones & Co.

  We at Bark Avenue are proud to say that we only use the most credible Dog Food brands in the United States. One of which is The Bones & Co., a company that shares the same mission as us: To provide the highest, safest, and purest quality of food worthy of our man’s best friend. “If the food isn’t good enough for us, it isn’t good enough for our dogs.” These are strong words to live by for any dog food company, yet The Bones & Co. continues to make this possible with their handcraft products produced straight from Austin, TX. All their Raw Food follow the standards of Ketogenic Raw, which means they are made of 95% meat, organs, & bones and 5% vegetables & minerals. Nothing says Fresh Food more than their principle of “Farm to Bowl.” This means zero preservatives, additives, and fillers in their 6LB (for big dogs) and 3LB (for smaller dogs) patties. The flavors include Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, and Turkey. The Bones & Co. also has a Dog Food Supplement line for that added boost in your pup’s immune system, digestion, and appetite. They can also hydrate and improve their coat or fur. Their selection includes Bark Boost (all greens), Goat Milk (for hydration), and Bone Broth (strength & digestion).

Why Bark Avenue?

Both The Bones & Co. and Bark Avenue are home grown stores businesses instead of stores in Texas that put dog pets instead of dogs first and business second. We know that these are steep claims to make, but we do our best to uphold and promote this in our community. We use locally sourced brands and ingredients, provide nutritional guidelines to pet owners, and continuously donate and engage in food drives for animals. Bark Avenue currently provides top notch quality Raw Food, Fresh Food, Dry Food, Canned Food for both cats and dogs. Rest assured that we can help meet your pet’s dietary needs in a budget that you are comfortable with. Don’t forget to reach us if you are in the following areas: Colleyville, Grapevine, Southlake, Trophy Club, Irving, Coppell, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Keller, Ft Worth, and North Richland Hills. We hope to serve your furry friends soon!