Why Animal Naturopathy?

As true animal lovers, we often have the health and wellness of our furry friends at heart. The problem is, many of us resort to medicine and head straight to the veterinarian only when we notice signs or symptoms that our pet is unwell. Here at Bark Avenue, we offer a refreshing and natural way of keeping our furry loved ones healthy and happy: Animal Naturopathy.

Animal naturopathy has been here since the beginning of time. However, a lot of people often confuse it as alternative animal care. In reality, it focuses on keeping animals’ health well-balanced rather than treating symptoms of a disease. It specifies that we need to make sure that our pet is fed species appropriate nutrition, properly balanced exercise, pure water, fresh air, sunshine, rest, supplements as needed and moderation to support wellness and longevity.

As one of the few trusted natural pet stores in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, we at Bark Avenue have our very own certified animal naturopath who is also a certified carnivore nutritional consultant. When your pet’s body is out of balance, we offer natural remedies i.e. homeopathy, herbs, essential oils and other supplements to aid in balancing the immune system.

Why Bark Avenue?

Bark Avenue strongly believes that proper nutrition is the foundation of good health. This is why we are known as the local leader in providing high quality pet care services, from an onsite certified animal naturopath, trusted natural remedies, to high quality raw food and treats.

We have helped countless families in the DFW, Texas area keep their pets healthy, active, and most of all happy through natural ways and our staff would be more than excited to do the same for your furry friends. Visit us now in our store located in Colleyville, TX or contact us here through the website so we can help you discover what animal naturopathy can really do for your pet.

What is Animal Naturopathy?