What is an Animal Naturopath?

Animal naturopathy is the future of animal nutrition and preventative health care — And we at Bark Avenue are happy to bring this philosophy and science to families in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area. We have our very own certified animal naturopath who is also a certified carnivore nutritional consultant to be your furry friend’s new animal health coach and companion.

Bark Avenue is known as the local leader in the DFW area in providing high quality, all-natural pet care services, from having a certified animal naturopath on staff, trusted natural remedies, to high quality raw food and treats. Our experts in naturopathy have helped numerous families already and we can do the same for your furry friends as well.

Laws of Nature in Animal Naturopathy

There are eight laws of Health/Nature that when put into practice are a “NEW START” for a healthy life for animals.

Nutrition –Nutrition is the cornerstone of health. All species MUST eat what they were designed to eat in order to thrive (species-specific raw food). In nature, food is not cooked. Each species consumes raw food that is dense with readily bio-available nutrition needed for their unique anatomy and physiology.

Exercise –Exercise is never optional. Animals are meant to move almost constantly. In the wild, playing, moving from place to place, and hunting are done daily. Movement is required to find food, to grow and stay strong, and to release toxins from the body. Exercise, especially outside in the fresh air, tends to lead to an increase in natural killer cells, neutrophils and monocytes, which ultimately increases immune function.

Water – Always give pure, fresh, unadulterated water. Avoid community tap water that has been treated with chlorine, fluoride or other toxins.

Sun and Supplements –Animals instinctually know what is needed to stay healthy. Sunlight provides numerous benefits and many animal species are often observed napping in the sun. Animals benefit from the sun’s effect on their bodies.

Supplements are especially needed when a raw, species specific diet is not being fed and/or when the animal is already in a dis-eased state.  This is due to the fact that most soils are nutrient depleted. This in turn translates into a lack of nutrients in the animals that eat grasses grown on nutrient depleted ground and in turn for the carnivore that eats the omnivore that ate the grasses.   However, when supplements are used, they need to be used in moderation and qualified for each animal’s unique needs.

Temperance – Temperance is an old-fashioned word for moderation. Too much of even a good thing can wind up being detrimental — for example, too much exercise, too much sun, too much water, etc.

Air – Every living thing needs fresh air daily if possible. Fresh air energizes. Research shows that spending time in fresh air, especially surrounded by trees and natural water sources, increases energy.

Rest – Companion animals need plenty of quality rest. They do best without all the noise of modern appliances and electronic EMFs that interfere with deep rest and biorhythms. The stress of not enough good rest can alone bring about illness and behavior problems.

Trust – Trust is not something very many people think about as being a law of nature and health, but it is the eighth law. Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, and strength of something (or someone). Of course, as is always the case in nature, this law is multifaceted.

First, it means that we are to trust or have faith in the previous seven laws — nutrition, exercise, pure water, sunshine, temperance, fresh air, and rest. These laws are the true path to health, longevity and quality of life.

Second, it means to trust or have faith in the principles of naturopathy, which are founded upon the eight laws of nature and health. Believe that these natural laws are a truth and that they will always work. We MUST trust in the laws of health. We MUST NOT become fearful and return to conventional medicine when the body begins to detoxify or if it appears to be taking longer than expected to heal.

Third, it means to trust or have faith in a higher power, the creator or giver of life, God.  We are not talking about being religous here. There have been a lot of studies, and more are coming out all of the time, that show how human patients with strong spirituality can improve their health from a variety of chronic conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, recovery from surgery and more.

People with high levels of religious beliefs or spirituality have lower cortisol responses. Cortisol is a hormone the body releases in response to stress in animals as well as people. Spirituality and/or the practice of religion have recently been associated with a slower progression of Alzheimer’s dis-ease.

Wherever your spirituality comes from, research indicates there are real health benefits to both yourself and to your animals. Animals and people have forged an incredibly close connection and animals have an uncanny ability to “read us” and reflect our emotions/moods and attitudes.

Why Bark Avenue?

Aside from having years of experience in providing natural animal health care, we at Bark Avenue pride ourselves for being animal lovers. We are compassionate, patient, and most of all, genuinely concerned for each and every furry customer. Visit us now in our store located in Colleyville, TX or contact us here through the website so we can help you discover what animal naturopathy can really do for your pet.