Upcoming Events
Name That Goat! 
Our local goat milk supplier, Peach Tree Hill Goat’s out of Azle, TX is asking for our help in naming her latest addition to her herd.  The voting will begin on February 1st and go through February 17th.
The winner will win a 32oz goat’s milk from her creamery. Addionally, this adorable goat will be making an appearance at Bark Avenue on March 3rd from 12 – 1pm. Please help us give her a name and be sure to stop by to meet her on March 3rd!
Saturday, February 3rd
10:30 – 5:00 pm
The Pet fur’tographer will be here taking Valentine’s themed photos. She will have many other backdrops with her as well. If you would like to sign up for an appointment, call us at 817-656-2275.
Saturday, February 24th
3:00 – 4:00 pm
Homeopathy For Acute Ailments
Dr. Alex Bekker, MD & Homeopathic Physician
Dr. Alex Bekker, Homeopathic Physician returns to discuss Homeopathy for acute ailments. This discussion will include how to treat common ailments like digestive upsets (diarrhea & vomiting), infections, puncture wounds, insect bites, ligament and tendon injuries, kennel cough and more. You will not want to miss this very important discussion on how to treat acute ailments safely and effectively with homeopathy.
There is no charge for this event, however there is a max of 20 people. If interested in reserving your seat, please contact us at 817-656-2275

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